Walleye Fishing in Northwestern Ontario

Northwestern Ontario is the top destination in the world for Walleye fishing. There are over 100,000 lakes in Ontario with Walleye fishing and the farther north you go the better the walleye fishing becomes. This high Walleye population is the result of better habitat which produces high sustainability. There is also less fishing pressure. We are located about 25 miles east of Dryden and 30 miles west of Ignace, Ontario.

Habitat: The lakes surrounding Sandy Point Camp are clean, cool and highly nutrient. Not only do the Walleyes have lots to eat; the cooler water eliminates parasites and Walleyes live longer and get much larger. Wave action on the rocky shorelines produces high levels of oxygen, which is key to the Walleyes survival and to the survival of their eggs. With a high volume of eggs hatching, the Walleye populations stays strong.

We fish 9 fantastic Walleye lakes, five of the lakes we have licensed boat caches. There are no long hikes to get to the boats. It's just a matter of reserving your lake for the day and heading out. A couple of the lakes do require four wheel drive or ATV's.

On these remote backcountry Walleye Lakes you can expect to catch between 20 and 40 Walleyes on an average day. There are different factors that will affect your success. Guests who have been coming to the camp for years and know these lakes well will easily catch more than 40. Generally Walleye fishing is best in the morning and evening, however we experience good fishing all day. Weather conditions, time of day, fishing techniques and how hard you fish are all factors which will determine your level of success. On a good day you could catch 60 to 80 Walleyes and maybe even more.

Every day guests catch and release Walleye in the 18 to 26 inch range. Several 30 to 32 inch Walleye are caught each season. These are our breeders. We ask you to release all Walleyes 18 inches and over. These large fish are fun to catch and they produce the eaters we love to take home. We are doing our best to protect and preserve the great Walleye fishing we enjoy. The best eating size for Walleye is 15 and 17 inches and you will catch lots of them.

If you are looking for fantastic Walleye fishing, a chance to fish a different lake every day and experience the adventure of the remote northern wilderness; Sandy Point Camp is your best choice. We have fantastic Walleye Fishing.

We highly recommend bringing an ATV to access some of our outpost lakes. We do offer drop-off/pick-up assistance to some lakes for a fee of $50.

Walleye Fishing Tips & Techniques

• Light to Medium action rod
• 6-8 lb test
• 1/4 to 5/8 ounce jigs
• Bottom bouncers and spinners
• Minnows, worms, or leeches

Stay in touch with the bottom. Whether it jigs, bottom bouncers, even cranks, touch the bottom whether in four feet or thirty feet of water. Active walleye are generally in the bottom two feet of water.

Early season May and June we find the walleye in 4 - 12 feet of water. Shallow, windswept break lines, points and reefs will be holding the bait fish. The walleye will not be too far away. Jig and minnow, bottom bouncers with spinner rigs work best fished slowly.

As the season progresses, July and August, the walleye will be following the baitfish into deeper water, 10 - 20 feet.. Time to change from 1/4 ounce jigs to 1/2 ounce. Fish a little more vertically and stay in touch with the bottom. Try white, chartreuse, and orange jigs tipped with a twister tail and minnow. Change it up with colors until you find the pattern that is working best.

Late season the air is getting cooler and the water temps are dropping. Sounds funny but the walleye will be looking for warmer water deeper. Sometimes as deep as 30 - 40 feet. They are just as easy to catch, you have to fish deeper. Stay in touch with the bottom. Use a little heavier jig. September can produce fantastic days as the walleye are feeding heavy, they know winter is coming.