Ontario Grouse Hunting

Grouse Hunting in Ontario is getting more and more popular each year. With an aging population many hunters are moving up in age and are looking for a hunt that is fun, leisurely and less physically demanding. Many people are discovering the enjoyable benefits of grouse hunting. Imagine leisurely walking down a wilderness trail on a warm fall day and breathing in that crystal-clear Northern Ontario air and combining this with the fun of tracking down this delicious game birds. We have hundreds of miles of paths and ATV trails intertwining around lakes and streams, which will give you access to all kinds of beautiful scenic areas and great Grouse hunting.

Grouse hunting is also a great way to introduce your kids to hunting. You can use smaller caliber guns to get them used to shooting. Kids also like the adventurous aspects of grouse hunting as they get to explore trails and paths out in the bush and see all kinds of wildlife and spectacles of nature. In Ontario non-residents need to be a minimum 16 year old.

95% of the Grouse you will see will be Ruffed Grouse. There are Spruce Grouse and Sharp Tailed Grouse (Sharptails) but they are more common farther west and rare in our part of Northwestern Ontario. Ruffed Grouse are very common and you will see them everywhere.

For your own safety grouse hunters need to wear hunter orange during big game rifle season. It needs to be solid hunter orange and amount to 200 square inches, which is a cap and vest.

A non-resident small game license $123.76 in Canadian funds and can be purhased at camp - subject to change