Our Fishing Boats & Motors

We offer 12, 14 and 16-foot boats. Most of our boats are Lunds. As well we have a few locally built Nadens. The Naden Big Fish is actually 16.5 feet. They are wide and stable and an excellent boat for fishing.

Our home-lake motors are all new Yamaha 4-stroke motors. Most motors are 9.9hp but add we also have 15hp and 25hp motors upon request that will get you to your favorite fishing spots quickly. Most of our boats have Mercury outboards with the gears build right into the handle. Don't forget to bring your own life jackets, they are mandatory.

Boat Safety card:

Please bring a boat safety card from your state if you have one. If you do not have boat safety cards in your state we will give you a short boat safety course at camp. We'll keep this on file for your stay.

Ontario Boat Operator Card:

Ontario residents need to have an Ontario Boat Operator card. Non-residents do not require this card if their stay in Ontario is less than 45 days but we still need to get you up to speed on Ontario boating laws.