Backcountry Lakes with Splake and Smallmouth Bass


Fishing Splake Lake:

Splake Lake is a beautiful little lake that is deep and spring-fed. The Ministry of Natural Resources stocks the lake every two years with 2500 fingerlings. This stocking program has been going on for years and now our guests can enjoy fantastic Splake fishing with good numbers and trout up to 7-lbs. The average size in the lake is 1-lbs. to 2-lbs., which are the best eating sizes.

A Splake is a cross between a Lake Trout and a Brook Trout (Speckled Trout). They taste fantastic and usually closer to how a Brook Trout tastes and sometimes they have that beautiful dark red meat.

Access to this lake is on a portage trail from Long Lake (Kawashegamuk Lake). You can bring a small boat in or you can use the camp's canoe. You are also welcome to bring your own canoe or fishing kayak.

In the spring the fish are shallow so you can cast with small Little Cleos or fish with flies. In the summer the fish will be down 25' to 35' so you can troll very slowly with a small spinner and a 3-way swivel rig. With 6-lbs. test line and a 1-oz. weight you can easily get down 35'.

Fishing Melgund Lake and West Hawk Lake for Smallmouth Bass:

Melgund Lake and West Hawk Lake are drive-to lakes that are not too far from the lodge and stuffed with Smallmouth Bass. We have boat caches on both. Smallmouth Bass fishing is amazing on these lakes and guests can expect to catch high numbers as well as big bass. In recent years guests have been catching bass up to 5-lbs. Both lakes also have fantastic Walleye fishing.