Spring & Fall Black Bear Hunting

We have an outstanding Black Bear hunt with our hunting guests having an unusually high success rate. Our remote location combined with the absence of other bear hunting outfitters in the area ensures our hunting guests not only good numbers of bears but big bears. Our bears average 250 lbs to 350 lbs. On occasion even larger bears have been seen and harvested. Sighting rates are close to 100% and due to the way we have our stands set up, success rates could be almost as high but that depends on the hunter's desire to pass on bears and wait for a bigger trophy.

Our Bear Management Area is many square miles of pristine wilderness and begins right out of camp so there are no unusually long traveling distances to get to our bait stations. All of our baits are at least 1 mile apart. Many of our bear-bait stations are easy to get to and can accommodate persons with physical challenges. Our ground blinds are especially convenient for this.

Our bear hunting guests have enjoyed a 90% to 100% success rate including holding a 100% success rate 5 years in a row.

We take a limited number of bear hunters. This guarantees an excellent Black Bear population and excellent success rate for big trophy Black Bears. We run our bear hunts the first week of September. Baiting begins well before the season opens and by the time you arrive we know when and where the bears are.

Due to liability issues you must provide your own tree stands. Ladder stands work best. We do have ground blinds however tree stands are the preferred method. Depending on your method of hunting, archery or rifle, all baits will provide you a close shot of 15 to 30 yards. The large bears are smart. You must be invisible, silent and odorless. A well placed shot is a must. We ask our hunters that they make sure the shot will be a kill. We do not want any wounded bears.

We run our hunts from Saturday to Saturday, check in is 2 pm, check out is 8 am.