Ontario Moose Hunting

Sandy Point Camp is surrounded with miles and miles of excellent moose habitat. There are many lakes, streams and marshy areas where moose feed on aquatic plants. Northeast of camp are some logged areas and burn areas where fresh grass and softwood shoots grow, which the Moose also like to eat. Water run-off from outcroppings of Canadian Shield Rock form mineral licks in holes and ditches, which are vital for a healthy Moose population.

As a result of our productive landscape our success rates are high and Moose hunts are sold years in advance. We are allotted one bull rifle tag or one bull archery tags for game WMU 9a. Calf tags are always available for non-residents and this can be a challenging hunt.

Our Moose hunt has been 100% since 2020.

We offer accommodations for Ontario residents with their own tags.

The hunting areas will include rivers, clear cuts, swamps and everything else the Canadian bush has to offer. There are many miles of logging roads and ATV trails to explore. A four wheel drive or an ATV is preferred.

Moose in Northwestern Ontario are a cross between the Eastern Strain and the Alaskan strain. Recessive genes can go either way and sometimes Ontario produces giant Moose that you would expect to see in Alaska or the Yukon. In Ontario adult cows are usually in the 700 to 900 pound range. Bull Moose are much bigger with Bulls in the 1200 to 1300 pound range being common. There have been Bull Moose harvested in Ontario that are well over 1500 pounds.