Northern Pike Fishing

If you are new to Northern Pike fishing then you should know that you have picked a magnificent apex predator to hunt down. Northern Pike are ambush predators with teeth so sharp they can shred anything into pieces, including other fish and human fingers. Most fisherpersons that love Northern Pike fishing are specifically looking for a trophy. At Sandy Point Camp we fish several lakes with the good chance for a 40" plus Northern Pike

On our lakes you will find rocky points, weedy bays and sunken reefs, which are perfect habitats for large Northern Pike. Streams and rivers running in and out supply the pike with spawning grounds. There is an endless banquet for Northern Pike and with this vast food supply, combined with Sandy Point Camps conservation policy, the Northern Pike grow to great sizes as well as proliferate in great numbers. Northern Pike this far north can live to 40 years old and reach close to 50 inches.

Northern Pike in our lakes are common in the 4 - 8 lb pound range, which is the perfect size for eating. There are many Pike over 20 lbs caught and released each year. There have been some monsters approaching the 50 inch range. Trophies in the 35 - 43 range are common. These fish weigh 15 - 25 lbs.

We do ask our guest to handle trophy pike with care, take a picture and release them. This way we can keep the great fishing we enjoy for future generations.

Please Note: We release all pike over 27.5 inches.)

We highly recommend bringing an ATV to access some of our outpost lakes. We do offer drop-off/pick-up assistance to some lakes for a fee of $50.