Welcome to Sandy Point Camp

Walleye We offer fantastic fishing, exceptional big game hunting and exciting adventures in a remote area of Northwestern Ontario's vast wilderness. We are located on Long Lake (Kawashegamuk lake), which is one of the most beautiful lakes in Ontario with pristine water and a shore framed with towering pine trees. You will have the opportunity to fish on ten different lakes for walleye, northern pike and lake trout.

Walleye Fishing:

Our outlakes offer great adventures for walleye fishing. Some of the lakes have high numbers of smaller to medium size Walleyes and others are huge trophy Walleye. You can easily catch 20 to 40 Walleye on an average day with some great days where guests have caught up to 80. There are plenty of good eating size Walleye and lots of big ones that should be let go. We release the breeders to insure this great fishery.

Lake Trout Fishing:

Guests are astounded at the high numbers and large average size of the Lake Trout in our lake. Long Lake (Kawashegamuk lake) and Stormy Lake are the best Lake Trout lakes in our area. Lake Trout can be an elusive fish on some lakes but here 5 to 15 trout per day in the 3 to 5-pound range is common. There are large trout also in the 10 - 15lb range and the occasional approaching 20lbs. We catch them all season, shallow in the springtime to jigging the in the summer. Our trout in the 3-5 lb range are some of the best tasting you will try.

Northern Pike Fishing:

Monster Northern Pike patrol our lakes. Our guests enjoy some of the best Northern Pike Fishing in Northwestern Ontario. It is not just high numbers of pike being caught, it's the presence of many trophies. Northern Pike in the 36" to 45" range are common and because of our conservation policy these pike all get let go to grow larger. Each year we see bigger and bigger Northern Pike being caught and are now seeing them approaching the 50" mark. If you target Northern Pike you are sure to catch a couple over 40" in a week of fishing.

Perch Fishing:

Our lake and surrounding lakes have an abundance of tasty Jumbo Perch. They are a nice addition to shore lunch and a great way to bring fish home for the big fish fry.

Backcountry Lakes with Splake & Smallmouth Bass:

We have a portage lake with great Splake fishing. They average 1 to 2-lbs. but Splake as big as 7-lbs. get caught. We have two drive-to lakes with boat cashes that have fantastic Smallmouth Bass and Walleye fishing. The bass in this lake can get up to 5-lbs. and get caught in high numbers as well as the Walleyes.

Black Bear Hunting:

Black Bear Hunting is a time honored tradition here are Sandy Point Camp. We have a large BMA (Bear Management Area) of prime Black Bear habitat but only take a limited number of hunters each year to ensure a high success rate. The farther north of Lake Superior you travel the bigger the bear get. In our BMA Black Bears are common in the 200 to 350 pound range. On occasion much larger bears are harvested. Our area does sustain a nice color phase population. Both archery and rifle hunters are welcome.
Northern Pike

Moose Hunting:

We offer adult moose hunts at our camp. Party hunts are welcome! We also offer accommodations for resident hunters with their own tags.

Whitetail Deer Hunting:

We are located about 50 miles east of Dryden and in the heart of what many hunters are calling the Whitetail Triangle. In 2012 a harsh winter compromised the deer population but herds are growing and we are now seeing trophy bucks again. Our hunts take place on public land, referred to as Crown Forest.


We offer many other activities other than fishing and hunting. The area is spidered with hundreds of miles of ATV trails, game trails and old logging roads for a very exciting ATVing vacation.

Please explore our website and contact us with any questions.

Best Regards
Jeff Bailey & Steph Duncan