Northern Pike Fishing Tips & Techniques

• Medium action rods with spinning or bait caster reels
• 8-10lb test
• Good steel leaders
• 2 1/2 to 3-inch flashy spoons, Cleos, Williams wobblers, Daredevils
• Mepps Spinners

I prefer medium action and 8-10 test because of the better action with the lures. I also find the lighter line easier to cast. Always check your drag and check your line for frays. You should be able to land a 20lb fish with 8lb test. Fish weed lines, rock reefs and drop offs. These make great ambush places for Northern Pike.

When you find yourself catching 8 -12 inch walleye, take a break and hook up for pike. Make a few casts, vary the retrieve. Stay away from the same steady retrieve. Many times that change will trigger the strike. Hang on and enjoy the fight only a large northern pike can provide.

After you have caught and photographed the big fish, support her in your hands, one hand under the jaw and the other under the belly. Let that big fish gather her strength and swim out of your hands. Next year that fish will be even bigger.

Those 20 - 27 inch northerns make great fillets, getting the Y-bone takes a little more work, but it's worth it.