Lake Trout Fishing Tips & Techniques

• Medium action rods, spinning or baitcast reels
• 8 - 10 lb test
• Mepps spinners #5 silver
• Doctor Spoons, flutter spoons, wobblers, Bombers, Slabs

Early spring the trout are shallow 10-20 ft. Troll Mepps spinners with a little piece of sucker meat. Use an in-line sinker or a three way swivel with the right weight and keep your lure where the bait-fish are. Troll slow, just fast enough for your lure to have the right action. Crank baits and spoons will work this time of year also. Keep your bait where the trout are and you will experience some of the best trout fishing of the year.

July and August the trout and the bait-fish have moved deeper. Water temperatures dictate their depth. Jigging with slabs and bombers work well. The trout will be in 40-70 feet of water. They are just as active as the spring but deeper. Look for the deeper holes that are holding baitfish and the trout will be close by.

September the trout are moving shallow as the water temperatures is dropping. Jigging and trolling will both work this time of year. Late September can provide some great shallow water trout fishing. Don't forget the size restrictions in September.